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Creating a WebSphere Application Server with a Snippet

By Osman Burucu posted Wed January 04, 2023 12:19 PM


This article was originaly published in 2016.11.16

Creating a WebSphere Application Server with a Snippet

Complete the following steps to create an IBM WebSphere Application Server by using a Server Snippet. This procedure is not intended for modifying an existing server.

  1. Create a server template by using the generic example process 10, which is available on the WebSphere Application Server download site.
  2. After you create the server template, tokenize it according to your requirements.
    Make sure that all port values are tokenized so that when you create a server. You can specify unique port values for each server.
    In the Server.json file, the ports are listed as follows:
    "websphere endpoint.port": "2820"
  3. In the Resource Tree, click Show Roles.
  4. Drop a new ResourceRole of the WebSphereServer type after this entry:
  5. Give the ResourceRole a name that is unique among the other servers in the same scope.
  6. Create an application that uses this Application process step: Run Process For Each Version; then, call the Apply (Template) process, which comes from the Template Server Config.