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Including Service Integration Buses

By Osman Burucu posted Tue January 03, 2023 05:46 AM


This article was originaly published in 2016.10.28

Version 39 and later of the IBM WebSphere Application Server – Configure plug-in supports Service Integration Buses (SIBs).Typically, configuration data is split into several components, each with a specific WebSphere Application Server scope, such as cell, node, server, cluster.SIBs are managed at the cell scope. However, they refer to servers and clusters. Because of these references, cluster names, server names, and the server’s node names are included in the cell configuration data (as SIBusMembers).These values cannot be tokenized by default, because an SIB might refer to any number of clusters or servers. Also, because SIBs are at the cell scope, cluster, server, and node names are inaccessible.These values are hardcoded in your cell configuration data by default. You have to change these values when you deploy to environments if the cluster, server, or node names change in these environments. You can take three actions:
* Manually enter new hardcoded values
* Tokenize the values themselves
* Use the User Defined Tokenization field during discover to tokenize and change valuesAn example of where these settings are stored in the cell.json file for both a cluster and server follows:

"path": "/@websphere.cell@/SIBuses/bus0803/SIBus Members/SIBus Member1",
"teamMappings": [],
"inheritTeam": "true",
"roleProperties": {
"websphere.sibusmember.node": "halloween-node1-Node",
"websphere.sibusmember.server": "firstServer",
"websphere.sibusmember.assistanceenabled": "false"
"name": "SIBus Member1",
"roleName": "WebSphereSIBusMember",
"description": "Discovered WebSphereSIBusMember"

Also note, the identifier attribute for SIBQueueLocalizationPoint and SIBTopicSpaceLocalizationPoint objects may contain a @ character. This may cause problems with tokenization of your configuration data if using the @ character as token delimiters. Use different token delimiters when working with SIBQueueLocalizationPoint and SIBTopicSpaceLocalizationPoint objects.