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UrbanCode Deploy 7.3 is here

By Osman Burucu posted Wed November 16, 2022 07:46 AM


“Let’s create a better software experience”

Our investment in our IBM DevOps portfolio provided major enhancements in IBM UrbanCode Deploy (please have a look at James Hunter’s very insightful Blog) .

IBM UrbanCode Deploy 7.3 provides fantastic new capabilities for your enterprise with adding much requested features. Better integration with Webhooks, better control with auto promotion pipelines and better security with external secret store support.
But that is not all, a new Welcome Page with better indexed content will help you to find information quicker and new centralized artifact retention page for better governance of your cleanup configuration.

Join me and colleague Randy Langehennig for a webinar that includes demos of these new features.
Register here:

Webhook Support

In the modern development world, many tools are used for collaboration and notification. For emailing, IBM UrbanCode Deploy provides powerful email notification templates and notification settings. With Plug-Ins we could send notifications to Slack. Now with Webhooks this is getting even easier to setup and use.

You could use Webhooks not only for notification, but also for triggering automated tests after a successfull deployment, create a ticket after failed one, or customize webhook templates for your own special tool.

Create a new Webhook Template, provide the JSON body and save it with a meaningful name. In the product documentation you will find some templates, for example: have a look here for integration with Slack.
dialog for creating a webhook template

Use the Webhook template in your application settings like you would have used email notification templates.
adding a webhook to an application

An example output of a notification could look like this:

For more details please have a look at the product and feature docmentation here.

Auto Promotion Pipelines

With this feature IBM UrbanCode Deploy provides a way to configur automatic deployments that will help organizations to implement an automated continuous delivery pipeline. Get your code deployed and tested through different environments, check with required approvals and deploy up to production.
Set the "acceptance criteria" in tests and if criteria is met, auto-promote to next environment. For that all our existing integration to testing tools can be used.

It is easy to create a new pipeline, define the pipeline stages, blocks, environments and processes

And then execute the pipeline specifying a snapshot or version for deployment

Then monitor the progress or view the execution history

For more details please have a look at the product and feature documentation here.

External Secret Store Support

Nowadays enterprise-wide secret stores are preffered over storing credentials or other secrets directly in CI/CD/automation tools. These tools provide the means to rotate or revoke secrets easily without searching where it has been stored.
IBM UrbanDode Deploy integrates natively with external secret stores like Hashicorp Vault first, later we intent to extend to CyberArk, BeyondTrust and more with future releases

How to create and reference secrte stores are described in the product documentation here.

Centralized Artifact Retention Management

This new feature centralizes in a single user interface all the artifact retention settins across many disparate objects. It allows policies to be configured and enforced quickly from this location. It is very useful for customers who always need to check with the codestation space usage.

For more details please have a look at the product and feature documentation here.

Content Index on Welcome Page

And last but not least, this helps to find information faster and easier.

The documentation for IBM UrbanCode Deploy 7.3 for the news can be found here: