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UrbanCode Deploy for z/OS - How To Videos - Using generic Processes, adding and using properties

By Osman Burucu posted Mon September 20, 2021 06:48 AM


In the first part of this blog we have seen how to install UrbanCode Server and Agent for z/OS usage. It gave you an introduction to UrbanCode Deploy (now DevOps Deploy) for z/OS. In the next installment of this blog we will have a short look at using generic processes. 

Generic processes can be used anywhere an application or component process might not be needed, as they are designed to run outside normal component or application processing. Generic processes are not specific to a particular component or application. Generic processes can be used to provide a task which needs to be reused on more than one application or component. For example it could download and install packages on the system or perform configuration related tasks as it also runs on the agents as the other type of processes.

Like component processes, generic processes also use plugin steps as it is also created the same way and provide also access to all plugins. There might be plugins or plugin-steps which could be of little or no use as they are tightly related to a deployment.

Have a look at the videos and feel free to post question to the discussion forum here on the community.

How to use generic processes
Generic Processes usage Video
Using properties in generic processes