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What's new in Transformation Advisor 3.3.0

By Niall Horgan posted Wed September 28, 2022 10:35 AM

Transformation Advisor 3.3 is now available and packed with great new features as well as essential fixes. The main new feature in 3.3 is what we are calling Cluster Migration. TA's data collector can now detect WebSphere ND clusters when scanning, collect all the relevant information and recommend an equivalent deployment configuration on Kubernetes. The clusters are shown on the TA UI. The entire WebSphere ND Cluster can be migrated as a single migration plan to deploy all the clustered applications to a single Liberty instance. We have also extended that capability to groups, so if you have non-clustered applications that you want to be co-located, then you can also deploy them together from a Group in TA to a single Liberty instance. 

Also new in 3.3 is TA utilising the WebSphere Liberty Operator, so when deploying your app to the WebSphere Liberty target, the migration plan will use the latest WebSphere Liberty Operator.

Another improvement of note in 3.3 is to TA's airgap install by utilising the new ibm-pak plugin.  The plugin streamlines the deployment of Transformation Advisor in an OpenShift disconnected environment.

And finally, the entire ruleset has been overhauled with updated development efforts and severities that reflect the latest best practice for application modernization.

You can see all these new capabilities in action in our latest What's New video.

What is Transformation Advisor?
Transformation Advisor (TA) is an awesome tool that guides enterprise teams through the uncertainties of migrating existing, on-premise applications to the cloud by providing recommendations on modernization changes and insight into expected complexity and development effort, it even goes as far as creating the artefacts you will need to containerize and deploy an application on cloud. If you are not already familiar with TA you can learn more by watching the episodeAccelerate Application Modernization with IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor on our IBM Expert TV channel