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What's new in IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor 2.5.0?

By Niall Horgan posted Wed September 29, 2021 02:32 PM

Version 2.5.0 of Transformation Advisor was released on September 29th 2021. This short blog will detail some of the new features and improvements in 2.5.0 and how to upgrade to version 2.5.0 if you already have Transformation Advisor installed.

If you are not already familiar with TA you can learn more by watching the episode Accelerate Application Modernization with IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor on our IBM Expert TV channel. In brief, Transformation Advisor (TA) is a tool that guides enterprise teams through the uncertainties of migrating existing, on-premise applications to the cloud by providing recommendations on modernization changes and insight into expected complexity and development effort. It even goes as far as creating the artefacts you will need to containerize and deploy an application on cloud. 

To get started this short video will help you with the upgrade to the TA 2.5.0 Operator on RedHat Openshift Container Platform. If you are installing from scratch or on another supported platform you can find configuration and installation documentation here

Please Note : In Transformation Advisor 2.5.0, the images for the trial version of the product have been migrated from Docker Hub to an IBM registry icr.io/appcafe. Therefore if you already have a non-OCP (aka TA Local) installation of version 2.4.4 or earlier the “Check for latest Transformation Advisor” option won't detect that the 2.5.0 release is available. Therefore you will need to re-download the install scripts from the registration and download site and run.

Once you have TA 2.5.0 installed you can explore what's new.

Data Collection improvements

  • Thanks to integration with the latest release of binaryScanner v21.0.0.3, Transformation Advisor now supports user defined rules that are executed during a scan by the Data Collector. The results from these rules appear in Transformation Advisor in addition to the standard rules
  • You can Use the '--no-upload' parameter to prevent the Data Collector output from being uploaded into the Transformation Advisor server

Reporting improvements

  • The report CSV files that can be exported from Transformation Advisor now contain additional information regarding the complexity of supporting files, the reason why applications are considered complex and the ids for workspaces, collections and profiles to facilitate easier use of the APIs

Installation improvements

  • Transformation Advisor now installs via a cluster wide Operator
  • When deployed on ROKS, the browser certificates for Transformation Advisor are now valid by default

In addition the TA documentation has been updated with multiple changes and you can now download a complete PDF version of the docs for offline use.