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Migration of Security Artifacts From tWAS to Liberty

By Liam Westby posted Mon February 14, 2022 05:11 PM

Security is one of the most important aspects of application server configuration. It affects just about every useful action an application can take, from allowing access to various resources to accepting and initiating connections to external services. This means that most WebSphere traditional applications carry a considerable amount of security configuration with them, configuration that needs to be recreated if those applications are to run on a more modern application server such as Open Liberty or WebSphere Liberty. 

That's why we put together an IBM Expert TV session on available tools to help migrate your application's security artifacts from WebSphere traditional to Liberty. Watch the session here and get the presentation file here.

Configuration migration is a key part of application modernization, and our modernization tools provide converted Liberty configuration as an accelerator to make getting your application up and running on Liberty quicker and easier. Watch this session to learn about the current security configuration migration capabilities of the WebSphere Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries and Transformation Advisor, and see them in action with a live example migration.

If you have any security artifacts you'd like to see migrated in a future release of the tools, be sure to leave a comment! ​​​