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Ask the Experts on Migration: Planning Version to Version Upgrades For WebSphere Application Server

By Liam Westby posted Thu November 05, 2020 09:24 AM

You want to adopt a new version of WebSphere in your environment, but you've put a lot of time and effort into getting your cell configuration exactly right. How can you bring over all of your applications and settings to the new release, and how can you make sure the transition goes smoothly?

Planning is crucial to executing a successful major version upgrade of WebSphere. If you're new to migration or want to review procedures and best practices, watch this webinar on IBM Tech TV: https://techtv.bemyapp.com/#/conference/5f6d0672649cbe001b30210d and download the slides here: Download

You'll learn:
  • how to determine what your migration path should be,
  • where to get tools to help assess your applications for compatibility with the new versions of Java and WebSphere,
  • what options you have for transferring your settings to new profiles,
  • and best practices for conducting the migration process safely, so you can get to a working environment quickly if trouble arises.
You'll also get some quick tips on avoiding  problems and troubleshooting and gathering information when a problem occurs.

If you want to access links from the webinar, download the presentation file under the "See more" link in top right of the recording page.