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Install and manage WebSphere Automation with ease using an Operator - Demo!

By Leo Christy Jesuraj posted Thu January 20, 2022 03:30 PM


Last week, I presented and demonstrated the installation and management of IBM WebSphere Automation on Red Hat OpenShift. The WebSphere Automation Operator installs and sets up the prerequisites and numerous microservices for the Secure and Health components of WebSphere Automation. The Operator continuously monitors the WebSphere Automation instance and takes the necessary actions when any of its components are not in the expected state.

Take a look at the replay of the IBM Expert TV episode below to learn about :

- system requirements for WebSphere Automation (OpenShift, CPU, memory, storage, network) 
- enable the IBM Operator Catalog
- specify entitlement key to retrieve images from IBM Container Registry
- install WebSphere Automation Operator
- create an instance of WebSphere Automation
- check the status of WebSphere Automation
- upgrade WebSphere Automation

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