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What is Value Stream Management? What is IBM DevOps Velocity?

By Laurel Dickson-Bull posted Wed January 18, 2023 01:25 PM


You may have noticed a few blogs and webinars cropping up on the topic of Value Stream Management and specifically about the IBM product UrbanCode Velocity.

If you are new to these topics, you are not alone. Value Stream Management (VSM) is a fairly new concept and software tooling in the DevOps space. Analysts we talk to agree that VSM is in the early adoption phase, but has a key role to play in improving software delivery efficiency. We see this too, as interest in VSM is picking up. IBM is uniquely placed to be a leader in VSM because of its history with deployment automation tools like UrbanCode Deploy and experience with tools like GitLab, Rational Test and others. The integration list is long and continuously growing.


To have integrations with these tools means that IBM UrbanCode Velocity (Velocity) can pull in data from these sources automatically and over time. Velocity uses data from the DevOps pipeline to provide insights to the business about how well software delivery is working and where to focus new processes, resources, or more automation. The data that Velocity collects is also important for the Quality manager who now has concrete data and history about test coverage and quality benchmarks. The Release manager uses Velocity to manage the release, automate approvals and notifications, tame multiple pipelines and understand where code changes are in the pipeline at any given moment.

These short videos – each about 1 minute long – illustrate how Velocity is used by each of these software delivery team members.


I am a Quality Leader …


I am a Software Business Leader ...

  I am a Release Manager…


To learn more about IBM DevOps Velocity, listen to the replay of the latest webinar about the newest release here