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UrbanCode Build – Rearrange Workflows

By Laurel Dickson-Bull posted Fri May 20, 2022 10:20 AM


UrbanCode Build’s now offers the ability to rearrange and move workflows. This gives an option for moving the Project workflows between projects along with the complete Build history and data.

This helps the user setup a test project workflow without affecting the main project. Once the test project workflow is completely setup as desired, the user can move the workflow to the main project. This streamlines the use of sandboxes.

Here’s a step by step look at how to do it:

For example we take two projects as Ant-20 and TestProject.

  1. We start with our “main” project called “Ant-20” which has configuration and history.


  1. Our sandbox called “TestProject” also has configuration and build history.



  1. Now, let’s move the TestProcess1 workflow of TestProject to Ant-20.
  • Navigate to the configuration tab of the TestProject and click on the move button next to the workflow.

  • Select the destination project (Ant—20) and click on the select button.




  1. The workflow is moved to Ant—20 project with the complete build history.


Note: – The same steps can be followed for the Secondary Process as well.