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Are you an Elite DevOps Performer?

By Laurel Dickson-Bull posted Wed May 04, 2022 08:55 AM


A lot has been made of the “levels of DevOps maturity”. A quick Google of “DevOps maturity” results in a long list of graphs, diagrams and self-tests to indicate the beginning, middle and Nirvana stages of DevOps capabilities.

I think a good way to assess the level of DevOps performance is to look at the humans and the data. Are the humans who perform DevOps jobs satisfied and generally happy in their work? Do they feel challenged but not overwhelmed? That’s one good way to measure DevOps success.

You need to use data too. I talk about DORA metrics in the first video of this short series on Elite DevOps Performance. The DevOps Research and Assessments organization publishes research about DevOps maturity every year and offers well researched data on the state of DevOps in the world.

This short video series demonstrates the DevOps tools IBM has built to 1) gather and track key DORA metrics and 2) help improve those metrics. 

I hope these videos explain how teams can find ways to improve and optimize product delivery in a journey towards elite DevOps performance.

DevOps Technical Specialist Randall Langehennig performs demonstrations of IBM UrbanCode Velocity, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, IBM Rational Performance Tester and IBM Instana.

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  • Video 1: Introduction to DORA metrics and IBM UrbanCode Velocity VSM and Pipelines (8 minutes)

  • Video 2: IBM UrbanCode Velocity triggers deployments with UrbanCode Deploy, including the Instana release marker. IBM Rational Performance Tester tests the application under load. (6 minutes)

  • Video 3: Demonstration IBM Instana observability and wrap up (16 minutes)