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UrbanCode Deploy for z/OS - How To Videos - Install the server and the agent for z/OS

By Laurel Dickson-Bull posted Mon July 26, 2021 03:52 PM


UrbanCode Deploy (now DevOps Deploy) automates the deployments of applications through environments with control and visibility to speed products to market with repeatability and governance. It is designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production.

UrbanCode Deploy provides

  • Automated, consistent deployments and rollbacks of applications
  • Automated provisioning, updating, and de-provisioning of cloud environments
  • Orchestration of changes across servers, tiers and components
  • Configuration and security differences across environments
  • Clear visibility: what is deployed where and who changed what
  • Integrated with middleware, provisioning and service virtualization
  • UrbanCode Deploy can be used to automate deployment to mainframes. UrbanCode Deploy not only reduces the time it takes to deploy applications to the mainframe, but it also provides consistency, quality, and troubleshooting by making it possible to track apps and configurations from one deployment to another.

    You can use UrbanCode Deploy to deploy applications natively to z/OS as well as distributed systems. That means one deployment automation and orchestration tool is enough to cover both the distributed and z/OS platforms.

    This first part of the video series provides an Introduction to UrbanCode Deploy for z/OS (UCD for z or UCDz).  We start with an Overview, an introduction to the product architecture, how to install the server and the agents.  Enjoy the videos and feel free to post questions to the discussion forum here on the community. 
  •  How to install UrbanCode Deploy for z/OS
    •  Installation of the Server
    •  Installation of the Agents


Link to videos