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UrbanCode Deploy v7.1.2 and Velocity 2.3 are available today!

By Laurel Dickson-Bull posted Tue March 23, 2021 09:12 AM


UCD 7.1.2 is available today (March 23, 2021)

 When you upgrade to the new version, you get:

  • Snapshot Gating - A snapshot is a collection of specific versions of application components and processes.  The new Snapshot Gating feature allows the UrbanCode Deploy user to set a status on snapshot tag that will enable the automated promotion of the snapshot from one environment to the next. Many clients use snapshots as way to simplify

  • Team Permissions for Post Processing Scripts It is now possible to set permissions on post deployment process scripts that are different from the overall deployment process. This enables teams to pass off post processing tasks to different team members. Many larger clients use outside teams to do some of the work.

  • LDAP enhancements
    • Support nested LDAP groupsUrbanCode Deploy authentication through LDAP now supports groups that are nested in LDAP.
    • Support new connection pool authorization typesUCD now supports these authentication types, in addition to LDAP. (Connection pooling means that connections are reused rather than created each time a connection is requested.)
  • Rename Properties An UrbanCode Deploy user can now rename a property directly, without deleting and recreating the property.
  • Enhancements for deployments to Z/OS
    • Integration with IBM Fault Analyzer. Users of IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS® can discover root cause for ABENDs
    • Support DUMMY in dataset mapping
    • JMON – passphrase support (handles the several aspects of batch processing for z/OS)
  • Blueprint Designer
    • Terraform 12 support
    • Bug fixes
  • Updates  to UrbanCode Containers
    • Airgap support
    • Operator Lifecycle Management support -  OLM (Operator Lifecycle Manager), is a declarative based system which is meant to support installation of Operators, which themselves are responsible for providing the logic and instructions to manage the lifecycle of an application (install/create/delete/upgrade). OLM is an opinionated approach to managing the lifecycle and packaging of these Operators.
    • IBM container certified.
Bug fixes & UI improvements

New in UrbanCode Velocity v2.3:

  • API-driven Pipeline allowing visibility and traceability to any CI/CD tool This will allow any  CI/CD tool to integrate with the Velocity pipeline feature – to be able to push data there. Jenkins and UCD integration is baked in. This will allow other tools to integrate and push data.

  • Display component versions alongside snapshots on the pipeline Example, for UCD you will be able to see the versions in the pipeline view

  • New Plugin: AWS CodeBuild

  • IBM CloudPak changes and requirements 
    Defect, Performance, and Security Fixes