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Cognitive Software Delivery - Bringing Quality, Scale & Intelligence to Open Liberty’s Delivery Pipeline

By KEVIN SMITH posted Fri May 27, 2022 08:56 AM


Earlier this week, I presented an IBM Expert TV session sharing how we have been pioneering the integration of the cloud and analytics/AI into the software delivery pipeline for Open Liberty to drive what we term Cognitive Software Delivery. This is one of IBM’s most powerful delivery pipelines able to execute more than 2 years of testing in a single day with real time triage and analysis to rapidly identify quality and infrastructure issues.

In the session, I share the journey we’ve taken to arrive at the solution we have today and showcase how we’ve been able to curate a solution that enables us to scale our software delivery lifecycle to cope with massive workloads and multiple delivery pipelines. Infrastructure as code and automation are at the heart of the system with up to 20000 systems created and custom configured each week.  See how we've adopted an event based (Kafka) backbone that controls and captures everything that happens throughout our testing and infrastructure, with around 3 million events flowing through the system each week!

I also take you through the cognitive heart of our system, which controls the entire pipeline and provides real-time insights into both quality and the infrastructure, demonstrating how these insights can transform both the delivery processes and culture.

Download the slide deck HERE

Watch the full presentation below.