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Create a docker image with your WebSphere Liberty application without a Dockerfile!

By Kevin Ortega posted Thu September 01, 2022 12:55 PM

Do you want to create an OCI-compliant image but don't want to deal with a Dockerfile?

Paketo Buildpacks are the solution you're looking for!  Paketo Buildpacks transform your application source code into container images with the Paketo Liberty buildpack contributing WebSphere Liberty or Open Liberty to the lifecycle building the container image.   

All you need is your application source, Docker and the pack CLI

To build your container with WebSphere Liberty, execute this pack command in your application source directory containing  your maven or gradle build script:
pack build --env BP_JAVA_APP_SERVER=liberty \
  --builder gcr.io/paketo-buildpacks/builder:base \
  --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/eclipse-openj9 \
  --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/java myapp​

Now use the docker run command to start your application locally:

docker run --rm -p 9080:9080 myapp

or deploy your application to any Kubernetes-based platform.  

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