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Modernizing Java on IBM Z

By John Buckley posted Thu June 30, 2022 06:39 AM

With the announce of IBM z16 at IBM Think in April and the AWS Mainframe Modernization announcement at re:Invent in May, we are seeing many exciting capabilities for enterprises looking to modernize and take advantage of Hybrid Cloud.
This June, the same modernization Tools available for modernizing traditional Java Applications on distributed platforms are now additionally available for modernizing Java Applications on the IBM Z platform.  WebSphere for z/OS 9.0.5 and 8.5.5 now include IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor, IBM Mono2Micro and WebSphere Migration Tools for modernizing Java applications for modernizing your traditional WebSphere applications to Liberty.  This compliments IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack, Z modernization tools such as IBM ADDI for other z/OS languages such as Cobol, PL/1 and Assembler, as well as modernization capabilities on other z/OS runtimes like CICS and IMS.  For more information on options for running Liberty on z/OS, see blog by David Follis.
IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor
IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor has the following capabilities:
  • Assess by quickly evaluating on-premise Java EE applications. Introspects deployments to determine modernization effort. Provides recommendations and sizings leveraging practitioner expertise.
  • Migrate applications using optimized starter runtime configuration and container definitions
  • Facilitates enterprise-wide modernization planning by discovering common code across entire estate to significantly reduce per application migration efforts as modernization progresses
IBM Mono2Micro
IBM Mono2Micro is a tool facilitating AI driven transformation of Java monoliths to microservices
  • Analyze application source and observe execution of code as use cases are run.
  • See Recommendations where AI identifies highly cohesive, lowly coupled partitions using unsupervised machine learning.
  • Refactor Applications whereby user can visualize and customize partitions in UI, then generate starter code to deploy partitions as microservices on Liberty.
WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit
You can use WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit to migrate applications to the cloud, migrate between versions of WebSphere Application Server and Liberty, migrate from third-party application servers, and more. Two versions of the toolkit are available: one that analyzes source code, and one that analyzes application binary files.
  • Help Developers remediate code migration issues directly in their IDE
  • Automate application analysis as part of application builds
  • Analyse deployed application's binaries and configuration (also used by Transformation Advisor)

Modernization at Handelsbanken

Liberty is the ideal runtime for running modern Java workloads anywhere on the Hybrid Cloud including IBM Z.  One Swedish Bank who are well advanced on this journey is Svenska Handelsbanken AB who have automated and dramatically improved application delivery times with Liberty's flexible configuration options.

Get started analysing your applications.

Note. These tools do not all run on z/OS but are capable of being used to modernize Java applications running on z/OS.
See the production documentation to get started: Transformation AdvisorMono2MicroWebSphere Migration Tools