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WebSphere Application Server on IBM Cloud

By John Buckley posted Thu October 21, 2021 04:58 AM


Following on from the initial capability to run WebSphere Application Server on IBM Cloud (see previous blog), I am pleased to inform you of a significant new update to the Terraform provisioning capability.  This allows automatically provisioning the IBM Cloud resources needed to quickly create a WebSphere Application Server traditional instance on IBM Cloud. This is a Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) capability, you will only be charged for the infrastructure on IBM Cloud and you can use any existing WebSphere licenses.
Now with v2.1.0, the Terraform templates provision the required networking and compute infrastructure (VPC and VSIs) in addition to installing the desired WebSphere topology.  There is a choice of provisioning either a Cell or a Standalone Server. Customer has complete control over the installation and can customize and configure it as they would with an installation in their own Data Centre e.g. to configure an LDAP server or monitoring agents etc.  The terraform templates shortcut the process of standing up WebSphere with just a basic familiarity with the IBM Cloud IaaS capabilities.  Below is an example of the form and once completed, you will have a pristine WebSphere deployment ready in the time of a decent coffee break!
See the doc for more information on the required fields as well as how to migrate your on-premise applications.
Note. In order to avail of this facility, customer must have active entitlements such as the following (as this is checked during provisioning based on the provided Passport Advantage details)
  • WebSphere Hybrid Edition    - Term licensing options available!
  • WebSphere Family Edition
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Looking for Liberty on IBM Cloud? Run in containers with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service or RedHat OpenShift Kubernetes Service - see Liberty Operator.

Also checkout WebSphere Application Server on Azure.