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UrbanCode Deploy Support for DB2 on Z

By IBM DevOps Expert posted Mon May 02, 2022 12:24 PM


I received a number of questions related to our IBM UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4 announcement and IBM Db2® for IBM Z.

Here is something a FAQ:

What does the announcement say?

“The UrbanCode Deploy backend database for Db2® for IBM Z is no longer supported. Existing clients using Db2 for IBM Z as their platform for the UrbanCode Deploy’s back-end database will continue to receive support.”

Why are you doing this?

Clients on this combination of products have reported more issues than others. We have traced this to UrbanCode Deploy’s use of long-running transactions conflicting with Db2 for IBM Z’s optimization for high volume, short-running transactions. While we seek to address the root issue, it is not advisable for new clients to adopt this combination. The distributed editions of DB2 is a good alternative. It is even packaged with IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

I deploy changes to DB2, is that impacted?


Our plugins, including the DB2 for IBM z package, are unaffected. They are supported and could be expanded just like any other plugin. Deploying changes to DB2 is fully supported. Only the backend of UC Deploy is impacted.

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