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How to view the working directory of an Agent in the UrbanCode Build GUI

By IBM DevOps Expert posted Mon May 02, 2022 06:41 PM


The Agent Workspace viewer is a feature which is available on UrbanCode Build or higher versions.

This feature enables users to view the working directory for a build in real time without having to log on to the actual machine where the Agent executes builds. This can be very useful for troubleshooting build failure since it allows users to check the directory and files pertaining to the jobs of Build project.

The Workspace Viewer feature works using a plugin that is bundled with UrbanCode Build. You’ll be able to see this plugin when you navigate to System tab and then Plug-ins.

To open the workspace viewer for any particular build-life, navigate to the job and click on the directory-magnifier icon.

Workspace viewer opens as a pop-up window.

To view contents of the file, simply click on the file from the list of available files and click on “Click Here to view file contents” button, it also provide a refresh button to update the contents of the file which is located right next to View As dropdown.

Workspace viewer also supports the EBCDIC encoding zOS machines. The encoding can be selected from the dropdown next to label “View As”.