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WebSphere Application Server Family Edition End of Marketing

By Graham Charters posted Tue December 13, 2022 04:00 AM


On December 13th, IBM announced the End of Marketing for WebSphere Application Server Family Edition (WAS Family). In this post, we’ll describe what this means for WAS Family customers.

What is happening to WAS Family entitlements?

WAS Family customers are being migrated to WebSphere Hybrid Edition (WSHE), their entitlements will be kept whole, and they will gain the additional capabilities of WSHE. 

WAS Family provides a bundling of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, WebSphere Application Server, and WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core.  WAS Family customers are being migrated to WSHE, which bundles the same offerings and additionally includes support for the Transformation Advisor and Mono2Micro modernization tools, and the more modern, container-friendly, VPC licensing model. The PVU to VPC 70:1 conversion ratio used during migration aims to keep customers at the capacity they previously had (most processors are rated 70 PVUs or higher), and in cases where they are using systems with PVU ratings higher than 70, gain additional capacity. Use of the application modernization tools does not count toward the WSHE entitlements.