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videos on Rational testing tools

By Fan Hu posted Thu August 31, 2023 04:50 AM


This blog is working as the index of series of videos I'm developing now. They will cover different tools of Rational Test, and cover different testing types. It's more technical focus, and close to a training purpose, rather than marketing purpose only.

Currenlty I will organise them according to the product.

  1. Rational Functional Tester

When we talk about Rational Functional Tester, we may don't realize RFT could means different testing tools. Originally, RFT is a script-based testing tool, which is more famous; but RFT also contain the UI testing tool, its a better testing tool using configuration, not scripting. In my RFT video series, I will focus on UI testing only. It will include Web UI testing, Thick-client (windows desktop) testing and mobile testing.

Web UI testing series

video 1: Rational Functional Tester installation and configuration for Web UI testing

This video include 2 part. One is the general RFT installation, which is simple and can be used for other kinds of testing; the second part is to configure the web browser for Web UI testing.

video 2: IBM Rational Web UI testing basic

This video include the basic skills like how to record a test, how to run a test, how to add Verification Point, how to view the report.

video 3: IBM Rational Functional Tester Web UI testing Data Driven

This training video demonstrate how to convert a hard-code newly record test script into a data driven test script. Please watch the IBM Rational Functional Tester Web UI Basics video in advance.

Windows Desktop testing (rich client testing) series

video 1: Rational Functional Tester Windows Desktop testing (part 1) -- recording

Demonstrate how to use IBM Rational Functional Tester to test Windows Desktop, using the Notepad.exe application built-in Windows.

video 2: IBM Rational Functional Tester Windows Desktop testing (part 2) -- verification

demonstrate how to use value verification point and image verification point to test a desktop application (.exe) using IBM Rational Functional Tester

2. Rational Performance Tester

video 1: Rational Performance Tester installation

video 2: Rational Performance Tester configure runtime license including Virtual Test Pack license

more to come

3. Rational Integration Tester

video 1: Rational Integration Tester installation

more to come

4. Rational Test Automation Server

more to come