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Fast iterative development of cloud-native apps with Liberty’s dev mode

By Eric Lau posted Mon May 31, 2021 09:00 AM

In last week's Expert TV episode of WebSphere and Liberty Community Spotlight, Trevor Crawford (@Trevor Crawford) and I showed how you can iterate quickly while developing cloud-native Java applications for Open Liberty and WebSphere Liberty.

We covered why fast iterative development matters and how Liberty dev mode helps with providing a fast inner-loop experience.  We showed a demo of using dev mode to build up a sample application for Liberty without having to manually rebuild, repackage, or redeploy the application.  This lets the developer focus on writing the code and testing their changes in quick iterations.  The demo included running dev mode from the Liberty Maven and Gradle plugins, making use of dev mode’s on-demand and automated testing capabilities, and attaching a debugger at any time without having to restart the server.  We also showed how you can use dev mode through the optional Open Liberty Tools extensions for VS Code and IntelliJ.

In the second segment of the episode, we showcased dev mode for containers.  This lets you develop applications while the Liberty server runs in a Docker container in order to minimize differences between development and production.  We demoed making changes to the application and testing out those changes on the containerized server without having to rebuild the image or restart the container.

Check out the episode below.  To learn more, view the dev mode documentation on openliberty.io.

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