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Virtual Summer WUG Roadshow Hands-on Lab: Modernize legacy enterprise Java applications to run in containers for cloud and Kubernetes

By Divya Koppolu posted Mon May 16, 2022 02:11 PM


We understand that this summer has been busy. So if you missed our Summer WUG Roadshow, you can still catch up on everything that we shared. Click HERE to access it in our library.

When: June 16, June 22 and June 28
**see below for time and reg links**

Following our uber successful virtual Spring WUG Roadshow, we're bringing 2022's next - virtual Summer WUG Roadshow Lab in June across 3 different days and time zones.

First, join us on IBM Expert TV's App Transformer's show to learn about the tools available to help you easily analyze your enterprise Java applications, move them to Liberty in the cloud, and refactor your applications into microservices.  You can join us on June 14 or access the replay anytime immediately following the live broadcast.

Then join us for the lab, which will provide fundamental hands-on experience of the evaluation process of enterprise Java applications running on WebSphere Application Server traditional for their modernization journey to run on a cloud-native Java runtime like Liberty in containers for cloud and Kubernetes-based deployments. It shows the value of using Transformation Advisor available in WebSphere Hybrid Edition to evaluate on-premises Java applications and identify a migration candidate for moving to the cloud. When you complete this lab, you learn how to use this tool to quickly analyze on-premises Java applications without accessing their source code and to estimate the move to cloud efforts. Next, you'll see how applications deployed in containers with Liberty as the runtime can be built, deployed and managed with the same common technologies and methodologies that would be used by cloud-native (built from scratch for Kubernetes and cloud) applications.

Save the date and register today.

Dates & Times
Registration Links
Thursday, June 16 
2:00 pm EDT / 7:00 pm GMT / 11:30 pm IST | 2.5 hours 
**Register at least an hour before the start time.**
Wednesday, June 22 
7:00 am EDT / 12:00 pm GMT / 4:30 pm IST | 2.5 hours
**Register at least an hour before the start time.**
Tuesday, June 28 
10:30 am EDT / 3:30 pm GMT / 8:00 pm IST | 2.5 hours
Event Registration:  https://briefingsource.edst.ibm.com/webinar/register/J8SCK6MQ
**Register at least an hour before the start time.**