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ClearCase Integration with Jira

By Divya Koppolu posted Tue June 08, 2021 12:28 PM

Author Credits
Howie Bernstein
Product Manager – HCL ClearCase and HCL Compass
HCL Software

Did you know that ClearCase has an integration with JIRA, in addition to its integrations with ClearQuest and Rational Team Concert?  Did you know that we have an architecture and API that allows us to add support for other change management systems quickly and efficiently?
You can read about CMI (our Change Management Integration facility) and the JIRA integration here:

Essentially, the integration allows you to store references to ClearCase assets in JIRA issues to provide traceability between your change requests, defects or work items and the ClearCase versions related to that issue.

Here is the sequence of events to associate a JIRA issue and a version, from ClearCase:

1. When working in ClearCase, in the case in the ClearCase Explorer creating a new activity, you will be prompted to login to JIRA if necessa

2. Then a customizable query will be run presenting you with a list of relevant JIRA issues. In this case, since we are using UCM, the association is between the ClearCase UCM Activity, and the JIRA “task”. The types used in the change management system are generically referred to as tasks.

3. By choosing one of these issues you form the association between the ClearCase activity “test_act” and the JIRA task “IP-2@test114”. The JIRA issue shows the associations with ClearCase versions and activities. Once the association has been made, the ClearCase activity is created and displayed in the list of the user’s activities.

4. If we now open the JIRA issue, we see several links to ClearCase versions and activities, and the last one is the link to the activity we just created, “test_act”.

If you have any questions about this, or any of the other ClearCase CMI adapters, please don’t hesitate to visit our forum and ask questions, or you can contact me directly at