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Community Highlights - 23 August 2022

By Diane Chalmers posted Tue August 23, 2022 09:00 AM


Events & Webinars coming up:

  • App Transformers (Tuesdays twice a month): http://ibm.biz/IBMExpertTV-AppTransformers
    • 20 Sept 2022 - Revisiting the Top 10 Migration Issues
  • WebSphere and Liberty Community Spotlight (Wednesdays twice a month): http://ibm.biz/IBMExpertTV-WebSphereShow
    • 24 Aug 2022 - Reduce resolution time on disruptive memory leaks with WebSphere Automation
    • 21 Sept 2022 - Modernize Applications and Lower Cost using IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition
  • Let's Code! (Thursdays): http://ibm.biz/IBMExpertTV-LetsCode
    • 15 Sept 2022 - Liberty,8,9 Technical Overview, Update, and Q&A
    • 22 Sept 2022 - Liberty,8,9 Technical Overview, Update, and Q&A

Content from Subject Matter Experts:

    Highlights from the past few weeks:

      If you would like to be more engaged and involved in shaping our offerings and services, consider joining the WebSphere Customer Advisory Board (CAB).  Learn more about the CAB by going to http://ibm.biz/WASLibertyCAB