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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications releases v5.2 to include Mono2Micro

By David Salinas posted 30 days ago


IBM Cloud Pak for Applications has been updated to v5.2 to support additional capabilities for architectural modernization scenarios. 

Specifically, Mono2Mirco has been added to compliment the existing and included capabilities of IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor for runtime and operation modernization.

With this update, IBM Cloud Pak for Applications aligns with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition to include all the critical and vital modernization tools within a flexible consumption package.

This makes IBM Cloud Pak for Applications your single source purchase for WebSphere products, modernization tools and Red Hat OpenShift.

For reference, IBM Mono2Micro is a tool facilitating AI driven transformation of Java monoliths to microservices:

      •  Analyze application source and observe execution of code as use cases are running
      •  See recommendations where AI identifies highly cohesive, lowly coupled partitions using unsupervised machine learning
      •  Refactor applications whereby a user can visualize and customize partitions in UI, then generate starter code to deploy partitions as microservices on WebSphere Liberty

To learn more on IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, please consult the latest documentation:


To learn more about IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition, please go to: