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App Transformers - Starting off the New Year with a Bang!

By Dana Price posted Mon January 31, 2022 07:39 PM

App Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye is our twice monthly Expert TV channel that addresses all things App Modernization-related.  Visit our home page for a wealth of exciting and informative episodes related to application modernization.

Our most recent episode was focused on a new capability that was delivered in Transformation Advisor 3.0: Common Code Discovery.  Vinh Tuan Thai, a member of our Transformation Advisor development team, joined me to explore the awesome new capability that lets us discover common code embedded or accessed by applications in our enterprise.  Common Code Discovery will help with modernization planning by exposing the development cost reduction achieved by addressing that common code modernization in a way that allow multiple other applications to benefit from the first change.  We've seen average benefits in development cost estimation of more than 70%!   Catch the replay of that App Transformers episode here.

And Tuesday, February 1, is a great day for more exciting App Transformers content!    @Leo Christy Jesuraj will join me at 12:30pmET ​​to share some best practices for containerized deployments of WebSphere and Liberty.  Leo's got some fantastic tips that he'll share that will ensure that we put the best foot forward as we're moving our applications from on-premise deployments into containers and Kubernetes.  Join us!