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The truth about z/OS app modernization

By Dana Price posted Fri May 07, 2021 06:48 PM


This week's Expert TV episode of App Transformers: More than Meets the Eye included a great discussion with Rosalind Radcliffe (@Rosalind Radcliffe), Distinguished Engineer for zDevOps, where we exposed the truth about z/OS app modernization!

We conquered the alphabet soup of terminology and acronyms related hardware, platforms,  operating systems, related to "Z" including: IBM Z, Z15, Linux ONE, zOS, Linux on Z, TPF, VSE, System/390, Zero Downtime and others.

We explored a variety of z/OS tools for COBOL, PL/1, or Assembler developers and architects: ADDI (including it's latest capability WAZI Analyze), z/OS Connect and IBM Developer for Z.  The new Groovy-based COBOL build tool, IBM Dependency-Based Build then provides the framework, understanding, and tracking for builds run on z/OS.

The importance of organizational processes and practices came up again in this episode, and we examined the value of unifying the z/OS and distributed application delivery within the modern DevOps pipelines that we're accustomed to using for distributed platforms such as Github, GitLab, Jenkins, GitLab/CI and Azure DevOps.

View the episode below and, if you enjoy this content, listen to her new podcast where Rosalind explores IBM GitLab Ultimate, a z/OS DevOps end-to-end platform.

Join us for future live episodes of App Transformers the first and third Tuesdays at 12:30pmET, and view recordings of previous episodes at http://ibm.biz/IBMExpertTV-AppTransformers.

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