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WAS&Liberty CAB: leave a review for WebSphere Hybrid Edition if you are a WebSphere or Liberty customer

By Claudia Beisiegel posted Tue December 07, 2021 04:39 PM

Dear WebSphere and Liberty Customer Advisory Board Members, 

please take a few minutes to leave a review for WebSphere Hybrid Edition. WebSphere Hybrid Edition is a unified WebSphere solution that includes IBM WebSphere Liberty, IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Network Deployment, IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor, IBM Mono2Micro. If you are a WebSphere, Liberty, Transformation Advisor or Mono2Micro user, this is the place to give us feedback and get a $25 gift card!  More details: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/wasdevops/blogs/shannon-otoole/2021/11/02/g2-websphere-hybrid-25v

Thank you for all that you do for us! Reach out if you're interested in becoming a reference, would like to speak with us at a conference or become an IBM Champion.