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Moving to Jakarta EE 10 on Liberty

By Cindy High posted Thu June 15, 2023 02:12 PM


The WebSphere migration tools just released version We always recommend you using our latest tools. 

Back in January, I blogged about Modernizing to Jakarta EE and provided a step-by-step example of migrating the sample DefaultApplication from Java EE 8 to Jakarta 9.1 on Liberty. This application update included the Java EE package rename from javax to jakarta

Since then, Liberty released support for Jakarta EE 10 and the binary scanner (v23.0.0.1) added guidance for Jakarta EE 10 changes. The differences between Jakarta EE 10 and 9.1 are described in documentation as well as encapsulated in the binary scanner for static application binary analysis.

The steps for moving to Jakarta 10 are similar to previous modernizations:

  1. Review your application using the binary scanner for modernization insights


  2. Fix your code
    1. Update the Java code using the analysis insights and help from the migration report
    2. Update dependencies in the build file (Maven pom.xml in this example) to compile against Jakarta EE 10 APIs.
    3. Update the server.xml feature versions for Jakarta EE 10 using the Liberty configuration provided in the binary scanner report.
  3. Test the results using automated or manual testing

For all the details, check out sample.DefaultApplication/jakarta10 in GitHub to see how easy it is to move to the latest Jakarta EE on Liberty!

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