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Are you Ready for Liberty?

By Cindy High posted Mon May 24, 2021 02:38 PM


Traditional WebSphere is great, but when you are ready to containerize your Java applications, there is nothing better than Liberty!  

Liberty's advantages range from its:

  • Small image size with just enough runtime
  • Low operating cost because of increased density
  • Continuous delivery for easy fix access
  • Zero migration when you update the runtime
  • Kubernetes optimized 
  • Great developer experience

Transformation Advisor and the WebSphere Migration tools provide excellent, comprehensive analysis for moving to Liberty, but did you know you can get your first peek at Liberty modernization analysis right in your traditional WebSphere Application Server admin console? 

From the WebSphere enterprise applications console, starting in and, there is an Analyze option to scan your applications to create a Liberty readiness comprehensive report that includes detailed analysis, inventory and evaluation reports as well as Liberty server.xml configuration based on your traditional WebSphere application deployment. The insights from the console are specific to Liberty and contain the same reports you can get from Transformation Advisor or the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries. If you prefer, you can also create the reports viewable from the console using a wsadmin script.

Liberty readiness from the WebSphere admin console 


So, log into your admin console and see how many of your applications are ready for Liberty!

And when you are really ready, check out Transformation Advisor to jump start your application estate modernization with more guidance and cloud migration artifacts. 

See the IBM Developer learning path Modernizing applications to use WebSphere Liberty to discover all the application modernization tools available with WebSphere Hybrid Edition.  

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Let us know in the comments below how we can help you get started!