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WebSphere Automation "How To" Series #1 : How to get WebSphere Automation UI URL

By Brian Hanczaryk posted Wed March 23, 2022 11:34 AM

This will be the first blog in a series of WebSphere Automation "How To" postings. This first posting will focus on how to find the WebSphere Automation UI URL using either the OpenShift CLI or OpenShift console.

Using the OpenShift CLI, you can use the following oc command to find the WebSphere Automation UI URL, where you replace INSTANCE_NAME with the name of the WebSphere Automation instance and replace INSTANCE_NAMESPACE with the namespace of the WebSphere Automation instance.

oc -n INSTANCE_NAMESPACE get websphereautomation INSTANCE_NAME -o jsonpath='{.status.endpoints.automationUI}'

The following is example syntax with result using INSTANCE_NAMESPACE of websphere-automation and INSTANCE_NAME of wsa.

oc -n websphere-automation get websphereautomation wsa -o jsonpath='{.status.endpoints.automationUI}'

Using the OpenShift console, you can find the WebSphere Automation UI URL by navigating down the following path : Operators -> Installed Operators -> (Select Project that contains WebSphere Automation instance) -> IBM WebSphere Automation -> (Select All Instances) -> (Name with Kind=WebSphereAutomation, default name is wsa) -> Endpoints show IBM Automation UI URL.

The following is a screenshot from the OpenShift console showing the Endpoints value.

OpenShift console endpoints

You can find more IBM Docs related to this information at https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/ws-automation?topic=ui-finding-websphere-automation



Tue April 12, 2022 01:49 PM

Thank you for your interest in the WebSphere Automation "How To" series.  These series of posts will be building on each other.  Later entries in the series will focus on WebSphere Automation memory leak analysis.

Thu March 24, 2022 12:02 AM

How to remain more valuable showcase for IBM WebSphere Automation exclude Memory Leak? such as High CPU, GC issue, Memory high usage, etc.