WebSphere Application Server & Liberty

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Looking for some trustworthy information and discussion about SSL / TLS issues with WebSphere Application Server (Including Liberty)?

By Bill Holtzhauser posted Fri October 02, 2020 04:38 PM


You are in luck, recently IBM WebSphere Application Server security support team held an Ask the Experts session on SSL topics.


The discussion is centered around what's referred to as the anatomy of an SSL connection in WebSphere.

The talk is formatted in way that covers some of the core fundamentals of an SSL connection in WebSphere and how to troubleshoot them, like SSLSocketFactory, SSLContext, APIs like HttpsUrlConnection, TLSv1.3 IBMJCEPlus, installing - renewing CA certificates, Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files, SAN, GSK_ERROR_BAD_CERT in plugin log, and much more.

The talk concludes with an open question and answer session about Security hardening like TLSv1.3, or stronger ciphers impact performance, JDBC SSL, Dynamic Outbound SSL configurations, HTTP2 etc.