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Ask The Experts on Web SSO: SAML & OpenID Connect for WebSphere Application Server & Liberty

By Andrea Müller-Hansen posted Thu October 01, 2020 06:51 AM


Bob gets hacked. How can he be sure that all his applications can be made safe? John gets fired. How do you get rid of John’s account in every application?

Watch this webinar on IBM Tech Tv to learn what Web Single sign-on (Web SSO) is and how to benefit from it:

In this session, WebSphere security experts will introduce you to common Web SSO usage cases in WebSphere, explain what OpenID Connect (OIDC), SAML 2.0, OAuth2, SPNEGO and Social Login are, and provide usage examples. In addition, LTPA and Web SSO will be discussed and essential configuration and diagnostic concepts for the SAML and OpenID Connect Web SSO login flows in WebSphere traditional and Liberty will be covered.

Finally, experts answered Web SSO-related questions from customers.