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wsadmin problems in WebSphere Application Server - Ear deployment issues

By Adeoye Omoboya posted Mon April 04, 2022 09:14 AM

Follow the steps below to collect data for wsadmin scripting problems that involves deploying an ear file.

Note: The [install_root] below represents the install location of WebSphere Application Server.

1. Enable tracing in wsadmin:

Modify the wsadmin.properties file located in the following directory:

Replace following line:

With this

2. Enable tracing for the server process that wsadmin connects to.

Note: If you are executing wsadmin script using "-conntype=none" option, do not perform step 2.

If you are unfamiliar with how to enable server side tracing, see the instructions How to setup a Trace

Configure the following trace string for both dmgr and nodeagent processes:


3. Recreate the problem.
Note: If wsadmin process hangs on UNIX platforms, when wsadmin hangs, execute three kill -3 pid commands, two minutes apart, on the wsadmin Process ID (PID).

If you need help on how to collect javacores, please see the following article:
IBM Problem determination for javacore files from WebSphere Application Server

4. Run the collector tool against the profiles.
5. Capture & Analyse the following:
  • Any javacore files created for AIX, Linux and Windows. Note any issues on the machine and network during the hang.
  • Collector output jars
  • The script file that you executed
  • The command that you used to invoke the script

You can also share the output with IBM Support Team,if needed to help analyze and trouble-shoot the issue