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When “Tip of the Iceberg” is Not a Cliché: Why holistic enterprise data security requires Guardium z/OS 

Thu July 23, 2020 11:12 AM


It looked simple enough. The SOC team picked up a breach event triggered in the SIEM stream and all clues pointed to Bill the DB2 Admin.

Bill loves cars. He’s a gear head and he would look at cars online all day if he could. Sure, he gets his work done—he’s a pretty good admin—but this time Bill got phished on a dealer site. The bad actors got his favorite ID and PW and the troubles began.

Unfortunately, most of the real troubles were hidden and about to get much worse, much more personal for thousands of customers.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why are we still talking about data security? Isn’t the mainframe bulletproof?
  • The iceberg story: Bad actors attack from all sides especially through the data?
  • How does Guardium z/OS enable breach detection and forensics to identify the bad actors?
  • How does Guardium z/OS work in tandem with other IBM Z Secure tools to provide enterprise holistic protection?

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