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7 days ago

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Big businesses face concerns when monolithic architectures cannot be scaled, upgraded, or maintained as they continue to grow. Microservices solves this problem - multi-layered tasks are broken down into small, digestible processes that function independently and communicate through language-agnostic APIs. 

A key benefit of microservice architectures is that you can horizontally scale application services to meet changing demand. But when do you scale and by how much? What does this mean for the underlying platform and infrastructure? And, last but not least, what KPIs make the most sense for your unique business and its applications?

Join us as we take a close look at the performance and elasticity benefits that horizontally scalable, stateless microservices afford us. You will learn:

- Key considerations when defining and implementing Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
- Why application autoscaling should not be implemented in a silo
- How software can drive dynamic resourcing based on application SLOs
- Key business benefits of an SLO-driven approach...hint: it’s all about the customer experience

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