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  • Thanks to those of you who attended the Optim session at IBM Community Day last week at Think in San Francisco. It was an abbreviated session led by Peter Costigan, the Optim Offering Manager. Now that Think is behind us, we will prepare for our next ...

  • Hello Per, I would recommend to review the Lookup provider documentation on the below link. It has details on how to create the parameter string required for lookup function and use it inside optimmask() function https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSMLQ4_11.3.0/com.ibm.nex.designer.doc/oxy_ex-1/com.ibm.nex.mod.doc/topics/opmod-c--lookup_providers.html ...

  • ​Hello, i saw in Detailed System Requirements for v11.3 of the IBM InfoSphere Optim solutions (PostgreSQL) Modified date: 30 November 2018 that postgresql versions supported by optim are 9.2 and 9.3. postgresql is now at the 11.1 version and ...

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  • Hi, Optim User Group! Here's my blog about Optim native z/OS 11.7, which was announced on Tuesday Sept 11 and was made Generally Available on Friday Sept 15. Optim native z/OS 11.7 is about support for data in its native codepage in the Optim ...

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  • Join Optim at IBM Think 2019

    Going to Think? IBM Optim has lots going on! From demos, events, and sessions, find us in the Moscone Center at the Data and AI campus.

    • Join us for our Community Day session at 10am Monday, February 11th
    • Check out our sessions throughout the week - check out the flyer in our files section
    • Join Estuate, Actifio, and the IBM Optim team on Monday 6-9pm at SPIN