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Announcing the new IBM IT Sustainability Optimization Assessment service

By OIZA DORGU posted Tue March 12, 2024 09:55 AM


Adopting hybrid-cloud architectures has become a strategic imperative for enterprises seeking to leverage the benefits of both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures. As a result, clients are undergoing data center refreshes and/or consolidations and migrating on-prem data centers to co-location facilities or cloud for greater efficiencies and performance with their hybrid cloud workloads. There are many reasons to refresh or consolidate data center hardware and move toward broader data center optimization including cost savings, improved efficiency, and the increased focus on sustainability. Plus, an improved data center can set you up for a more successful digital transformation. Considering that on-prem data centers typically operate at 20-40% utilization and that electricity accounts for as much as 70% of total data center operation costs, organizations have a big opportunity to increase utilization and reduce their energy costs.

We are delighted to announce the global launch of the IBM IT Sustainability Optimization Assessment service!

IBM IT Sustainability Optimization Assessment is a remote service designed to provide actionable recommendations to realize IT resource optimization, performance efficiencies and reduce energy consumption, helping clients to drive cost take out actions and reduce their IT carbon footprint within their virtualized on-prem infrastructure providing a safe and securable execution that won’t impact workloads. Leveraging IT resource planning capabilities and AI-driven insights from IBM Turbonomic, IBM TLS can help clients to make informed decisions and achieve sustainability targets throughout the data center lifecycle.

For companies looking to optimize their hardware on-prem infrastructure or to modernize their technology environments, the IBM IT Sustainability Optimization Assessment helps clients identify the appropriate course of action to help them achieve their IT infrastructure goals.

In addition to the assessment, IBM TLS offers a variety of services that can help clients realize the benefits and savings of the assessment with the implementation of the services they require. IBM offers IBM Data Erasure Services, IBM Asset Recovery and Disposition, and TLS project services for infrastructure, including deinstall/install, MVS hardware resale, Packing and Logistics, and other labor-based services to assist clients in handling of their on-prem assets across their integrated data center.

Why IBM Technology Lifecycle Services?

IBM Technology Lifecycle Services can help organizations adopt a hybrid-cloud model and create a healthy circular economy for their IT environment by acting as a one-stop-shop for client’s IT support and services. IBM TLS provides a securable and sustainable data management process that can reduce long-term IT costs and increase efficiencies while complying with increasing data and sustainability regulations. By understanding and implementing proper data erasure practices, organizations can navigate the complex landscape of data protection regulations and enable the responsible handling of their IT infrastructure.

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