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How does IBM Expert Care change the way I contract IBM support?

By Douglas Barranqueiros posted Tue November 21, 2023 03:22 PM


To proactively manage IT risks and optimize performance, organizations need to adopt a strategic approach to IT support. IBM Expert Care is a comprehensive support offering that provides organizations with the expertise, resources, and tools they need to manage their IT environments proactively.

IBM Expert Care offers you an alternative way of attaching services and support at the time the product is purchased. Some systems are more critical than others and the tiered approach enables clients to choose more proactive support options to maintain higher availability, as well as reduce deployment and operating risks of their mission-critical systems. In addition, this approach to support services helps provide more predictable maintenance costs with line of sight to maintenance costs for the next 5 years.

IBM Expert Care is a modular approach that allows clients to choose the duration, service response times, and options that are most important to support their IBM Systems. IBM Expert Care may have up to three tiers to choose from, depending on the system – Basic, Advanced, and Premium. This enables clients to select the appropriate support tier that best meets the needs of the “business collected” from similar devices.

·       Basic: Hardware maintenance support with next business day onsite response, and support line access for technical assistance.

·       Advanced: All of the benefits of Basic, plus proactive support services such as health checks, performance monitoring, and predictive analytics.

·       Premium: All of the benefits of Advanced, plus a dedicated account team and access to IBM's most experienced support engineers.

Instead of purchasing individual support services, organizations purchase a tiered support package that includes a variety of services. This tiered approach provides organizations with more flexibility and control over their IT support budget.

IBM Expert Care Advanced and Premium tiers also include predictive support analytics. The Predictive analytics are provided with Support Insights, Storage Insights, and/or Call Home Connect Cloud. They deliver preventive maintenance insights such as security and maintenance coverage alerts to help identify product lifecycle exposures specific to IT systems, prevent outages across hybrid IT environments, and mitigate denials of support on expired contracts.

In conclusion, IBM Expert Care is a service approach that integrates and prepackages hardware and software support services into a tiered support model. It is designed to standardize support for IBM Systems, delivering a simplified proposal. IBM Expert Care can help provide more predictable maintenance costs and facilitate reduced deployment and operating risks. With IBM as the single source of support from reporting to resolution, clients can dramatically optimize system availability, reduce costs, and unburden their staff to focus on business priorities.

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