Sustainability Talks Webinar

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Sustainability Talks Webinar 

Wed May 24, 2023 03:12 PM

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What are the business drivers of sustainability initiatives in I.T., what are the primary factors to consider when planning a sustainability program, and what are the near future innovations in sustainability I.T. technologies.

Join Sustainability Talks with John Thomas and Adam Thompson to learn:

  • Are there clear paths to ROI for implementing sustainability principles.
  • What are the primary drivers of sustainability (government regulation, consumer expectations) 
  • Does operational efficiency make up a large part of the sustainability ROI picture (Less Waste, wiser consumption, reuse of discard materials, Capex purchased energy creation like Solar)?

Key Speakers


John Thomas - VP & DE, IBM Expert Labs

Adam Thompson - 
Global Sustainable Finance and ESG Offering Leader

Nik McCrory 
Solutions Architect IBM Technology Expert Labs