Webinar: Streamlining medical device development: Integrated compliance, quality, and agility

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When:  Mar 28, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (ET)


Medical device development is facing increasing challenges due to rising complexity, emerging cyber security threats, and evolving regulations. The development of new and innovative medical devices requires companies to navigate a complex and constantly changing landscape, balancing the need for speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness with the need to meet rigorous standards for quality and compliance.

Register now and unlock the digital transformation of your systems engineering, gaining a competitive advantage in the highly demanding medical device industry. Seize the chance to stay ahead in innovation, compliance, and quality assurance!

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Enable the speed of innovation - Reduce time to market with strategic reuse-leveraging variants. Model systems and software early in the process, reducing more expensive rework late in process. Share data across distributed teams.
  • Reduce the cost of meeting medical device - Streamline compliance with industry standards and MDR regulations across different geographies. 
  • Assure quality and avoiding recalls effectively - Boost transparency and traceability across the development process. Manage requirement hierarchies and better understand how changes can cascade and impact the entire system under development.

Key speakers

Ian Zimmermann - ELM Solution Architect, Sustainability Software

Mr. Zimmermann is an ELM Solution Architect in IBM Sustainability Software group. He advises systems engineering and development organizations, on how to assess and improve their development capabilities through the practical application of best practices, process, and tooling.  Mr. Zimmermann has significant experience with complex tool deployments for large organizations.  These solutions include IBM's Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) tools (DN, EWM, ETM, GCM), IBM’s DevOps tools solutions, as well as associated development practices (V-Model, Agile/Scrum, SAFe, Continuous Development, and System Engineering (model) Driven Development).  He consults in the areas of systems & software engineering, focusing on process engineering and methods with extensive experience in governance and regulated industries.  Further, Mr. Zimmermann also specializes in asset development and reuse, configuration management, requirements management, V&V, architecture and design principles. During his tenure at IBM, he has been on major engagements at Harman, Visteon, GE Aviation, GE Power, General Motors, Honeywell, Motorola, as well as various federal organizations.

In the more than twenty years prior to joining IBM, he was a former Aerospace Engineer with the Canadian Military focused on the development of a new ship borne helicopter as the software & systems integration specialist, managing software development and testing for the F-18 fighters, introducing and developing a requirement management solution for capital projects within the Department of Defence.   He holds a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering.