Webinar: Model-based software engineering for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

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When:  Jun 27, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (ET)


Join us for this webinar to see a real-life demo of an engineering flow and a tool environment that accelerates creation, implementation, and test of AUTOSAR Adaptive software components. Focus on the creative part of designing intelligent solutions and leverage the automation capabilities of the tool chain.

Starting with a AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Architecture, obtained from a Systems Model by transformation, we show how to edit and enhance the AUTOSAR model in Rhapsody through all the design phases. In a next step, we show the implementation of AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Components with Rhapsody UML Models, reusing the standardized and autogenerated Service Interfaces. 
While implementing the AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Components, early model-based testing with Rhapsody TestConductor will be applied to the evolving UML Model. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to see a live demo of this entire process and discuss your questions with the presenters in this webinar!

Key speakers

Johannes Trageser, Embedded Software, SodiusWillert 

Johannes Trageser is an expert in embedded software engineering with a strong focus und modeling and code generation for safety critical systems. After his Master of Engineering degree in Systems Design, he joined SodiusWillert to follow his passion of leveraging modeling and engineering Tools to streamline embedded systems and software Engineering.


Hartmut Wittke - Software Developer at BTC

Hartmut Wittke works since 2005 as software developer in the development of IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - TestConductor Add On at BTC-ES in Oldenburg, Germany. Model based tesing and the development and implementation of test support for model based development is in the center of his interests. After studying Informatik in Oldenburg until 1997 he worked for OFFIS in Oldenburg in formal verification of models until 2005 and concluded his work with his PhD thesis on composition formal verification of Statemate models.

Brett Hillhouse, Global Industry Leader - Automotive & Electronics, IBM

Brett is responsible for platform product strategy & priorities, partner ecosystem & sales channels, and as an experienced sales executive Brett has demonstrated a history of working in industry, information technology and services industry. Strong information technology professional skilled in Executive Sales Management, Business Process, IoT Strategy, Professional Services, and Business Transformation. Technical Specialist - Systems and Software Modeling at SodiusWillert