Order Management & Fulfillment

Webcast: Mastering inventory management -- the key to successful, profitable omnichannel fulfillment, a webinar featuring Tom Enright from Gartner 

Wed September 25, 2019 11:35 AM

Today, customers demand a range of fulfillment options. As retailers rise to the challenge of meeting those expectations, the most critical elements are the management of inventory and optimizing the use of a variety of fulfillment locations.
In this webinar, Tom Enright, Vice President of Supply Chain Research for Gartner, reviews how businesses determine fulfillment locations today, and why they need to rethink their inventory strategies.
In addition, Chloe Chang, Offering Manager for Order Management UX and Inventory Visibility products will share her insights on how cloud native technologies can help address some of the issues raised and how some IBM customers are dealing with them today.

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