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IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer v2.0 Launched! 

Mon October 05, 2020 06:25 AM

Move data securely at speed and scale

To help clients quickly, easily and securely modernize their B2B data exchange environments, IBM is announcing the availability of IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer v2.0. It is a bundle that provides a unified file transfer platform so you can securely move and track mission-critical information within your enterprise and across your partner network. Sterling Secure File Transfer v2.0 has everything you need to handle your gateway and point-to-point data movement requirements with visibility, management and advanced security capabilities to govern and protect your enterprise.

Sterling Secure File Transfer v2.0 provides enhancements to a number of existing capabilities, including:

  • Visibility – Modern user experiences simplify tracking of critical events across your MFT environment for improved operations, customer service and B2B governance.
  • Management – Automatic health monitoring simplifies identification of potential issues impacting performance.
  • Security – Dynamic virus scanning for incoming files, advanced IP address validation, and built-in Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) support helps protect your organization against external threats.



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