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Transition to Order Hub from Application Console

  • 1.  Transition to Order Hub from Application Console

    Posted Mon December 12, 2022 01:26 PM
    Hello, as a follow up to the deprecation announcement we posted for Application Console, we are actively encouraging customers to begin their transition to the Order Hub UI.  Order Hub is available for SaaS, Certified Containers, and traditional on-premise, so you can get started no matter what type of deployment you have.  If you were able to join the Order Hub enablement session or have already started using Order Hub, you can see that it provides the core capabilities of Application Console as well as powerful configuration and customization options and rich new features like Workspaces.  Please keep an eye on What's New in the IBM Documentation site to stay up to date on the latest Order Hub enhancements.

    You can also refer to product documentation for details on Order Hub customization and a transition guide from Application Console to Order Hub and utilize this community for a discussion on transition questions, tips, and best practices.

    Aaron Cutter