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Recommendation on inventory batch solution.

  • 1.  Recommendation on inventory batch solution.

    Posted Wed August 16, 2023 09:45 AM

    In our solution for Indian retail business,  we have batch (MRP) based inventory for all the items in OMS. Below are more details on solution :

    1.SAP sends PO-GRN with item batch and quantity (Batch is MRP)
    2.WMS adjusts location inventory based on batch with inventory status onhand/held.
    3.OMS adjust inventory for each FC based on batch with status onhand/held.
    4.In OMS/WMS, at a time only one batch inventory can be onhand .
    5.Frontend maintains only one onhand batch inventory at a time and the same batch (MRP) visible to customers.
    6. Inventory gets reserved by passing the batch.  
    6. To change the status of batch inventory, business teams flip the batch from held to onhand or vice versa.
    7. By this, we achieve two business use cases :

    # MRP shows on the website will be booked for order inventory. 
    # Picking/packing of the same inventory is mandatory.

    But this solution is a blocker for multiple future use cases and there is impact on the performance because HOT SKU funtionality not eligible tag control items. 

    Are there other ways to achieve business use cases without impacting customer and remove the tag inventory from OMS ?

    Hemant Verma

  • 2.  RE: Recommendation on inventory batch solution.

    Posted Wed March 20, 2024 03:45 PM

    Possible Solution 1:

    1. Create a custom table to capture all batch information including nodes in OMS. Mandatory columns are Item ID, product class, UOM, Node, batch, quantity with audits (including PO-GRN).
    2. This will be a passive table for inventory, and it won't participate in real-time inventory updates or reservations.
    3. Upon order creation, cancellation(full/partial), SAP PO-GRN, OMS need to update the quantity in custom table either synchronous or asynchronous way.

    Assumption: Once order is created in OMS, we reduce quantity on custom table.

    1. OMS should keep the batch of the Order line in any reference column or custom column.
    2. When business flip the batch, OMS need to call adjust inventory. Quantity will be current. demand + batch quantity of respective batch (the one going to be marked as active) on custom table.
    3. On confirming shipment, there is no update required on custom table and there is no change required on OOB functionality. 
    4. If OMS team want to include these custom tables for verification, OMS team can use supply and demand corrections UE for inventory operation. (optional step).

    Pragatheeswaran Chandrasekaran