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  • 1.  Colorado Retail Delivery Fee - Best Practices discussion

    Posted 15 days ago
    Colorado's new retail delivery fee takes effect July 1, 2022

    Opening a discussion thread among our OMS community to discuss best practices around implementing the Tax user exit integrations.
    We have seen our customer community stay on top of such changes working with the tax partners for guidance. Our Expert Labs teams and SI partners are sure to have excellent recommendations for making the appropriate changes.
    -Sudhir Balebail, Program Director, Product Mgmt OMS

    SUDHIR Balebail

  • 2.  RE: Colorado Retail Delivery Fee - Best Practices discussion

    Posted 9 days ago
    From a end customer side, this will most likely be unseen, but for the merchant, the key for OMS solutions is to ensure this is automated and meets retention requirements.  Thus many tax compliance solutions empowering companies will need to work with the OMS systems.  I see open partnerships from OMS solution to 3rd party tax compliance solutions.  As this may be an increasing trend, the partnerships may be expanding moving forward.

    Philip Bardasian
    Client Representative Professional (Rational Brand)
    Dallas TX