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How to Gain access to Order Management IBM support tickets: 

Tue October 15, 2019 08:53 AM

How to Gain access to Order Management IBM support tickets:


Pre-requisite – You need an IBM account ID


Step 1. Ensure you have created an IBM account linked to your email


In the top Right click the “Person/Login” Icon

Snapshot of Login Page and Person icon

Click on “MY IBM”

Click on “Don't have an account? Create an IBMid”

Complete the Verification step to complete your account Sign-Up


Access for Creating/Updating Tickets:

Please see following for Full feature guide:


Step 1. Visit and Login with your newly created IBM ID that is linked to your work email.


Step 2. Once logged in with your IBM ID, Click on the User icon in the Top Right and Select

“Support Access”

Snapshot of the Support Access option in dropdown of Menu

Step 3. On the following Screen you will see a Text Box where you are asked to enter the name of the Product:

Snapshot of the Support Access screen dropdown menu options (specific for Order Management)


Ensure you Tick the Consent box as this will be needed for your Site Admin to approve your access.

Then enter the name of the Product you are using, in this test case the product is “Order Management On Cloud”

Step 4.

You will now be asked for Specific site/account information

  • Customer Number
  • Country (of Account/Client rather than where you are based)

These details can be procured from your account holder, the ICN/Customer Number is mentioned on the Contract signed with IBM.

If you are an Accelerated Value Customer, please reach out to your AVL contact for assistance.

If you have any issues at this specific step you can contact the Help Desk given the link shown at the bottom of the Page (Note: Help Desk is unable to provide the ICN/Customer Number)

Snapshot showing the various data fields within the Support Access page


Step 5.

Once you have completed the form and submitted same, a request will be sent to the Account Admin
(These are set at the time of the contract signing and cannot be changed by L2 Support)

The Account Admin will approve your access or reject it based on their judgement.


Access Types:

1.    No Access :

Removes all access a user has to cases associated with the specified account. The user will not be able to open, edit, receive updates for, or even see the cases for that account.

2.    Basic Access : Gives users access to only the cases that they own. They will not be able to view cases owned by their team or be added to cases as an Interested party. This option serves most users.

3.    Full Access :

Gives a user total access to cases associated with the specified account. The user will be able to open new cases, view open cases, be added as an interested party, post updates and receive updates for cases on that account. This access is restricted to the Named callers listed in your IBM contract.

4.    Administrator :

In addition to the access given by the full access setting,

Administrator access provides the ability to view and edit other users on a given account. They will be able to make changes to access, and approve or deny requests for more access. This is restricted to the named Admin on the contract.




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This is required if you wish to add "Interested Parties" to Open Tickets.

To add Interested Parties; Within the case in the Support Portal invite them as subscribers. On the right-hand side of the case updates, you will find the section "Invite other team members". Select the pencil icon and add the contact you require. IBM ID is a pre-requisite for this.

Screens here for Guidance: